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Tuesday, October 24 @ 3pm CST

Watch this 75-minute masterclass replay that will help you finalize your fueling strategy going into race day. You'll learn how to properly carbohydrate load to avoid 'hitting the wall' and finish your race feeling strong! The live masterclass was held on Tuesday, October 24, 2023. We discussed fueling strategies for those running a half or full marathon.

What you'll learn:

  • Avoid common nutrition mistakes during taper

  • How to properly carbohydrate load going into race day

  • Know how to eat before your race, even for the NYC Marathon late start time

  • Finalize your fueling strategy using fluids and nutrition on course

  • Nutrition tips while traveling to your race

Hey, I'm Kristy!

Kristy Baumann, RDN

I am a 12x marathon runner, mom, and carb lover. I've been where you are. For the longest time, I thought I was fueling properly for race day -- even after becoming a dietitian. Except, I would struggle to keep my pace, always get muscle cramps, and experience GI issues on race day. I thought carbohydrate loading was eating a large pasta dinner the night before the race and staying hydrated was just about drinking water. But, I was missing one of the most powerful tools as a runner - a proper fueling strategy. Since making changes, it has transformed my running. Now I help other runners learn how to properly fuel so they no longer 'hit the wall', or experience cramping, or GI issues on race day.